STOoOpid Chicken: can you keep it alive?

Probably not. Not the first one at least. But worry not! We got plenty more disposabl.... I mean, valiant bird contestants in our midst!

Welcome participants of all ages and nationalities! To the Goriest Reality Rshow! Or "Grr!" for short. Sorry about that spelling, our greatest sponsor (my edgy little cousin that gave me 10 bucks) insisted it spelled "Grr!".

In this incredible reality show, we got many valiant birds that must traverse an obstacle course... OF DEATH (sorry, sponsors demand it)! And our participants are tasked with the noblest of goals: Keep it alive! Simple right?

Use your ingenuity and our assortment of gizmos to help the chicken survive. Do you want springs for a higher jump? We got it! A floating metal platform? Yeap. Corn...? I guess.... ok, we got one if you want. BUT REMEMBER: due to budget restrictions we got only a few of each, so you'll have to reuse them a little.

Ok, I admit: we are a really low budget show. But we have a noble goal: save chickens from certain doom and my cousin's sick ideas for shows that I wouldn't even consider if it wasn't for this damn recession.... goddamnit Chucky, even your name fits your warped personality. Please, take care of the chicken and KEEP IT ALIVE!


Guilherme Henrique Oliveira - All the hard work

Gabriel Ferreira - Awesome and crazy ideas

Mariana Lima - Awesome animation adjustments


Shepardskin -

ScratchlO -


Kenney -

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